From: Doug Canode
Gallatin Gateway, MT
I purchased my first NuEar hearing aids from Hearing Aid Institute June 2005. These were a great improvement over my natural hearing. As years passed I began to notice I was not hearing as well as I had been. My family was noticing too.

In July 2013, I received an invite to come into the Hearing Aid Institute to see NuEar upgrades. My wife convinced me to go and check it out. After talking with Colin at Hearing Aid Institute, and having the NuEar CIC Intro 3 wireless demonstrated to me, I knew right away they were for me. I was hearing words and sounds I had been missing. I could hear clearly! My wife, kids and grandkids no longer had to talk to me in loud voices or repeat what they were saying.

I really like the way I can control the volume and am so happy with my NuEar hearing aids. The service and attention I receive when I when I need adjustments are terrific. I would recommend the Hearing Aid Institute and NuEar CIC Intro 3 wireless hearing aids to anyone.