Suzanne was professional and pleasant to work with.I think the evaluation was easy to follow. She was helpful in determining the hearing aid that would be best for me. She also contacted my insurance company while I was there to obtain the correct information about my out of pocket expense.
Judy Bolewicz, on Google
Excellent, friendly and professional service. They are always willing to answer my questions and research for answers if they don't know the answer. I never have to wait when I have an appointment, they have always been ready for me at my appointment times. I enjoy working with them.
Kate Bradley, on Google
Friendly and always willing to make adjustments to give the best hearing possible.
Charles Weller, on Google
I've struggled with hearing my whole life starting with the tests the nurse would give in elementary school. In college I learned to sit in the front of the room and I always held the phone to my right ear because it worked better. More than anything, I wanted to be a teacher. I was almost ready to student teach when I had another hearing test. The feedback I got was that teaching would be very difficult and it wasn't too late to change careers. That was not a choice, so I had surgery for otosclerosis. Armed with my copper ear parts, I went on to teach, loving every minute, for 32 years. But I knew my hearing was getting worse. After retiring, I got a flyer in the mail offering a free hearing test. Suzanne was so friendly and patient. My test showed that I had significant hearing loss and that I was a good candidate for hearing aids. We made a mold of my ear and the new hearing aids were ordered that day. Two weeks later, I tried them on. Immediately I knew that my hearing was better. But the "in the canal" aids did not feel right. My ears are small and they felt so tight. After a few days I called Suzanne. Again, she was so patient and listened to my concerns. Not a week later, I took them back. That day I left with new equipment. There is now a tiny piece in my ear and most of the hearing aid fits behind my ear. Suzanne helped me pair the aids with my phone, (which, by the way, is the coolest tool) expertly explained the basics, and I absolutely love them. The world is a very noisy place! It's been a bit overwhelming, but definitely life changing. My family has noticed, and I'm noticing sounds that I forgot even existed. This was the easiest and most rewarding gift I have given myself. The Hearing Aid Institute is a wonderful place to get your hearing life back.
Gail Petch, on Google
As usual, the good folks at The Hearing Aid Institute were very helpful. All I needed were new wires but they took good care of me.
Robb Miller, on Google

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