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These folks have been such lifesavers for us. Time and again they have fixed my mom’s hearing aids on a moments notice and without an appointment. They have given us extra services like cleaning the hearing aids and doing a hearing test. When I go to check out, they always say no charge for anything but the batteries we were buying. I’m always amazed at how generous they are with their time and the advanced technology they use to help my mom at no charge.
Carrie French, on Google
I started with the Hearing Aid Institute 5 years ago. I was working with another hearing aid company that lost my hearing aid when it was sent in for service and would not replace it. Melissa with the Hearing Aid Institute loaned me hearing aids for 2 weeks , until my new hearing aids came in and due to the situation they provided me with a significant discount. The service and quality of the hearing aids cannot be beat. Congratulations to Melissa and Doug for providing outstanding professional service.
Bill Deb, on Google
Very helpful and easy to work with around my hectic work schedule. Doug said he likes a challenge and fitted me with a set of hearing aid that came closer to what my old ones sounded like than any other doc could do! I would definitely recommend going to this place and give them a try.
Dan Strub, on Google
Just arrived from Ohio and passing through the town and my husband had a problem with the tube on his hearing aid. They were very polite and fixed his hearing aid right away even though it's close to closing time at no charge. I would highly recommend them. Great service
Terry Garlesky, on Google
They never know my name when I come in office. No one follows up to see how I like my hearing aid or if I'm having any issues. Didn't know Colin left. My hearing isn't that much better.
Patricia Simmons, on Google

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