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Our Staff

Doug Mengel, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Doug believes that when it comes to great hearing healthcare, service and relationship are as important as technology. As a licensed hearing professional, he prides himself on being honest and courteous – his friendly personality gives patients the comfort of knowing that Doug is someone they can trust. Now, newly married and a proud husband and father, he is still dedicated to his patients. Anyone who drives hundreds of miles every month, on icy roads, away from their family and still has quality time for their patients shows how they truly care. Doug also makes sure he has a safe journey home to spend time with what he enjoys most; his family!

Doug Mengel, BC-HIS

Melissa Bussard

Patient Services Coordinator

Melissa believes that service and relationships are important. Her friendly personality gives patients the comfort of knowing that she is someone who cares and has their best interests in mind. You can always count on Melissa to be warm and friendly. When you visit our office, she strives to ensure you feel comfortable and at home.

Melissa Bussard

Customer Reviews

Hearing Aid Institute had a representative making regular visits to the Three Forks Senior Center to do cleaning and testing. I had my hearing tested and showed some loss. Later my health insurance offered to pay part of the cost of hearing aids. I went to Hearing Aid Institute to...

Gwendolyn Farnam, on Google

As a Connecticut resident with a vacation home in Montana I decided to try the Hearing Aid Institute after my first hearing aids (from a Connecticut audiologist) were reaching the end of their useful life. My experience with both the Hearing Aid Institute audiologist and the office manager was in...

Steve Lamont, on Google

Wonderful staff! Friendly, knowledgeable and always available to assist you with questions or concerns. They have high quality products and do not try to pressure you to buy something you do not need. Very customer oriented.

Marilyn Henderson, on Google

These folks have been such lifesavers for us. Time and again they have fixed my mom’s hearing aids on a moments notice and without an appointment. They have given us extra services like cleaning the hearing aids and doing a hearing test. When I go to check out, they always...

Carrie French, on Google

I started with the Hearing Aid Institute 5 years ago. I was working with another hearing aid company that lost my hearing aid when it was sent in for service and would not replace it. Melissa with the Hearing Aid Institute loaned me hearing aids for 2 weeks , until...

Bill Deb, on Google

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