Willa Jean Speegle Testimonial

From: Willa Jean Speegle Bozeman, MT Hearing aids are a most wonderful device! I’ve had my hearing aids for over a year now and I’m so thankful I decided to get them. These days when I first put them in I can suddenly hear the birds chirping! Such a sweet sweet sound! Along with all […]

Doug Canode Testimonial

From: Doug Canode Gallatin Gateway, MT I purchased my first NuEar hearing aids from Hearing Aid Institute June 2005. These were a great improvement over my natural hearing. As years passed I began to notice I was not hearing as well as I had been. My family was noticing too. In July 2013, I received […]

Bill Schwan Testimonial

From: Bill Schwan Belgrade, MT I sent my hearing aid for repair and it was lost. I spoke to several hearing aid companies to assist me in repairing the hearing aid or to purchase a new one. The Hearing Aid Institute not only agreed to help me, they provided me with hearing aids until the […]

Fran Maulding Testimonial

From: Fran Maulding Belgrade, MT I have been wearing hearing aids from Hearing Aid Institute since I lost my hearing from the mining industry. The latest hearing aids I received are just wonderful. I hear voices behind me and they are clear. I am able to turn down my TV so others can enjoy it. […]

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